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Thanks For Visiting High Altitude Investors!

During recent years, the High Altitude Investors (HAI), has coached numerous startup companies and helped them to find needed startup capital.  We have also been collaborating with the Rockies Venture Club (RVC) in deal syndication.  

The HAI is pleased to announce that we are now positioned as a Gateway to RVC.  We are looking forward to screening, coaching and introducing potential investment opportunities and potential Southern Colorado investors to the Rockies Venture Club.  RVC is the oldest, longest running angel investment group in Colorado.  They provide extensive educational packages and a large array of monthly events and meetings together with the annual Angel Capital Summit and the annual Colorado Capital Conference.  RVC is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and works closely with companies and investors within Colorado as well as outside the state.  

    HAI's Director Ric Denton with RVC's Director Peter Adams